Juice…oh how I have missed you!!

Juice in our house growing up meant one thing…Orange or Lemon SQUASH!! I guess having 6 hungry mouths to feed on a low income meant that fresh juice was a bit of a luxury and something which we enjoyed only on rare occasions like Christmas, or in hotels on holiday. Wow I sound like I … Continue reading

The secret to being a PROPER runner!!

So the secret to being a proper runner is…. Wait for it…. Listen in… …If you run, if you move your feet one after the other faster than walking pace and with a little bit of space between your trainers and the floor…guess what?? YOU ARE ALREADY A PROPER RUNNER There is no secret, well … Continue reading

Why I overindulge at Xmas

I can not remember a single Xmas present I ever received as a child, not one and that’s not cos I was hard done by or got crap gifts its just that toys were not really the focus of our day. Mum always made a big deal at Christmas time to make it special and … Continue reading

My Perfect Weight

I simply love getting something for nothing, something I didn’t have to pay for…something Free!!! So I was delighted to discover a new pop up bookshop in my local shopping centre where you can pick up 3 books each time you visit at no cost. The shop is run by local volunteers and part of … Continue reading

What I see when I look in the Mirror

We never had a full length mirror in our house growing up, it’s probably just as well when I think of the hideous 70s and 80s get up I wore and although mum had a working camera back then most of the films lay undeveloped in a drawer somewhere, so when my siblings used their … Continue reading

You must lose your babyweight NOW….OK???

Yesterday I sat all teary eyed as Kate and Wills stepped out of those hospital doors with their adorable little prince. Now I’m not particularly a royalist. but as a new mum I am just completely smitten with my baby girl, and spent most of the last few days reminiscing about the arrival of my … Continue reading

Can I call you a Fat Bitch?

I need your help guys. Over the last few months a number of people have said to me after hearing about my blog, “oh you should read that book, you know “Run Fat Bitch Run”, and I figured that perhaps I should as it seems we have a shared interest. So I picked it up … Continue reading

Why Fatty Must Run

When people ask me about my blog they often make a funny face when I say its called “The Fat Girls Guide to Running”, and in particular people tend to find my fattymustrun nickname a bit distasteful. The look kinda says don’t be so hard on yourself, well I didn’t like to say or wow … Continue reading

Hypnosis…does it work?

Here is the blog I wrote the day I went for hypnosis….. And as far as I can tell it’s working. I have always been interested in the subconscious and how the mind works generally, and secretly wondered if it might be the key for me in terms of my weight loss and issues with … Continue reading

Send me off to Bootcamp

About 3 years ago I was very unhappy with both my physical appearance and my general state of fitness, or lack of. I was 6 months out of a longterm relationship, just turned 30 and working in a job that didn’t quite agree with me. Something had to change. I found Fitfarms online whilst looking … Continue reading

A Letter to my Better Self

Hi Fatty I suppose I can’t call you that anymore can I? I’ve not seen you in ages. You look great. I can’t believe how much weight you have lost, you are glowing. You look so much healthier and happier too. It must be great to fit into all those clothes that have been stuffed … Continue reading

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