Now thats what I call a workout

I have been having a nightmare trying to get to an aerobics class this week. I have been wanting to do a body conditioning, circuits or legs bum and tums class for a while for my final test of my Zaggora Pants,  yesterday I found out my local gyms crèche needs to be booked 6 … Continue reading

Whoever Invented Spinning should be SHOT

Ok that sounds a little harsh But seriously…what were they on? It’s hellish. I planned to go to the gym today and do a hardcore treadmill session followed by a swim but when I got there I just enquired as to what classes were going on and you guessed it. 6.45pm SPIN What the hell, … Continue reading

They don’t call it houseWORK for nothing

Today I have been having a much-needed (slightly late) spring clean. My flat has been somewhat neglected in the last few weeks, I have daily battles where I say to myself washing up or cuddles with Rose? mop the floor or take Rose to baby massage? dusting or relaxing in the sun at the park? … Continue reading

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