The #FMRMC Programme & Recruits

We have ladies from all across the globe and are a range of ages, ethnicities and sizes, some have never run a mile before in their lives and one has recently just completed her first half marathon, another has just done her last long run (25ish miles) before her February 2nd Marathon.

We did have some drop outs from the original 16 in the summer so we recruited some new additions, and again through the autumn months some ladies pulled out once again. The programme is hardcore and requires a great deal of commitment, and determination, it was always inevitable that some ladies would not see the whole challenge to the end.

So in January 2014 after 8 months of training the 11 remaining recruits were given the option to go for a full marathon or a half marathon, we currently have 4 ladies on track for a full 26.2 and the remaining 7 all signed up for 13.1s

So I guess you want to know who is involved in the challenge right? Here they are, check out their blogs (by clicking on their names) or follow them on twitter using the hashtag FMRMC

Amanda, 34 from Ohio USA with a BMI of 37

Amber, 29 Colorado USA with a BMI of 31

Caroline, 31 from Cumbria, UK with a BMI of 30

Dianne, 51 from Virginia USA with a BMI of 33

Gemma, 26 from Cambridge UK with a BMI of 40

Holley, 23 from Alabama USA with a BMI of 27

Laura, 25 from Essex, UK with a BMI of 27

Mary, 41 from Ireland (but living in Lisbon, Portugal) with a BMI of 31

Rozzette, 42 from Texas USA with a BMI of 40

Tina, 45 from Indiana USA with a BMI of 51

Victoria, 33 from Yorkshire UK with a BMI of 27

Look out for regular updates of how the ladies are getting on.

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5 Responses to “The #FMRMC Programme & Recruits”
  1. Orla says:

    Excellent, i will be trying to follow along but what is the 30 day squat challenge and where can i find it? As already started the C25k programme, so will be plodding along with you all girls – would be great if all the lucky girls could write a small piece so we can get to know them

    • fattymustrun says:

      I will be doing features on all of then in the next few weeks. If you do a google search you will find a graphic which explains it, but basically today’s challenge is 50 squats, tomorrows is 55 and it goes up and up. The trick is to try doing them all in one go, but you can split them into sets if that’s too hard!!

  2. Orla says:

    Thank you! will be starting it this evening, I have even roped a few girls in at work and for the hell of it we have decided to start a sit up challenge too 😉 hope i can move tomorrow for bootcamp. Looking forward to meeting the fatty teamsters

  3. runruncarla says:

    Good luck everyone!!!! I will be following your progress.

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