What d’ya call 20 fat ladies running in a park?

No it’s not a joke, it’s what happened yesterday as part of the first ever Fat Girl Run Clinic – a unique 1 day running retreat for plus sized runners. About a year ago I wondered if there was such a thing after looking into running retreats myself. I was too worried about my speed … Continue reading

Who says FAT girl can’t run track?

I had an email yesterday from a 16 year old girl who was looking for some running advice. She told me that she weighs close to 300lbs and her biggest ambition is to run track. Now from this I gathered she is from the states, because here in the UK we don’t really use that … Continue reading

My Local “Olympic” Park

I live in Stratford. Not Stratford Upon Avon home of the bard, or Stratford Ontario home of the Beaber…NO. I live in Stratford, East London the birthplace of petrol (yes that is true) and home to the London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics. In fact I live less than 10 minutes away from the Olympic Stadium … Continue reading

Why don’t you just get lost?

When I was little my mum had quite a laid back approach to keeping an eye on us during the long summer holidays. We were allowed out to play, until we got hungry and could pretty much go as far as our little legs could carry us, and although we got into a few scrapes … Continue reading

Back to the Stadium

Long before I became Mummy Ju to Baby Rose back in January this year I actually had a very different type of job, a full time job which was equally as time consuming, stressful and demanding, but for completely different reasons. I spent the last 8 jammed packed years working towards the London 2012 Olympic … Continue reading

A Pretty, Shitty, City

I have been dreading my run all day. This morning I slept in until…get this…12.15pm, and woke up to find I could barely walk, my calves were so tight (probably from all those stairs yesterday), and seeing as my partner had sorted out the kids for half of the day I felt like I was … Continue reading

Name Dropping

I have been getting some really positive feedback about my blog recently, and now that I actually have some time to focus on it I have decided to put in a bit more effort to try and increase my readership and I suppose to explore opportunities for developing my writing in general – seeing as … Continue reading

My London Marathon attempt from 2012

My alarm went off with a start at 5.45, and it was only a matter of seconds before I remembered why I was up so early. I turned to find my bed empty as my other half had decided to sleep on the couch as not to wake or disturb me during the night. I’d … Continue reading

Still not a proper runner

So today I was launching an Olympic Gardening project to mark 100 days to go until the start of London 2012 and I just so happened to mention I was doing the London Marathon to a group of local politicians from the authority I work for, 2 of them were very impressed and wished me … Continue reading

It could be YOU!!!!!

Yesterday I, along with 5000+ other lucky individuals got the chance to be the first to cross the finish line in the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, when we took part in the National Lottery’s Olympic Park Race. Now I have seen the Olympic Park numerous times before, (Due to my job) I must have been … Continue reading

Posh nosh and Canadian charm

I thought I was being so clever today.  As part of my job I had been invited to the Canadian High Commission for a lunch time seminar to find out about how things worked for the 2010 Vancouver games. Actually my boss had been invited, couldn’t go so I went in his place. Anyway, I … Continue reading

Who needs the Gym?

After my session with the kettlebells yesterday, I woke up with almighty pains in my maximus glutemous…AKA my bum!!! So I decided to not go to BMF this morning, which might also have had something to do with the amount of rain we had yesterday and the fact I didn’t quite fancy rolling around in … Continue reading

A runners disgust at Olympic marathon route change

I was asked to write a few words about my thoughts on the recent news that the Marathon route for the 2012 Olympics is no longer coming through East London. Guest post: A runners disgust at Olympic marathon route change. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I have never been what one might … Continue reading

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